Who are we?

GRUPO-BAHÍA was formed as a business group in 2000. It has since obtained a presence in a number of different markets through having developed the necessary skills to face the challenges presented by each area.

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What Are Our Business Areas?
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We are committed to the construction and real estate sectors. However, in our business group we understand that alliances are the basis for a good geographical and sectorial expansion. And it is in this union between companies that we believe our future lies.

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Our Philosofy

Our work philosophy is based on detecting the needs of our clients through a direct relationship with them, committing ourselves to their needs and applying solutions that guarantee the proposed results and their satisfactory experience.

Our Associates

The Management is aware of all the interested parts's expectations, parts with whom it interacts within the context of our activity and assumes its commitment to their compliance, working to offer quality and sustaniable products and services.